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The "FreeFall Meditation" is a holistic form of meditation developed by Elias Fischer in 2021. The special thing about it is that it takes into account the human levels of thoughts, body and feelings in equal measure, which makes meditation a lively experience. Only then does this meditation devote herself to the spiritual dimension through complete letting go. In theory we "fall" through these levels to deeper levels to experience the dimension of our real spirituality. In practice, the exercise is to surrender completely to the inner world and to do nothing more. That is letting go.

On this way you learn

The newly won freedom is then automatically reflected in the Life. We can devote ourselves better to our own path in life and are no longer so often in painful thought and emotional spirals entangled. We are alive and fully here and now.

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Free Fall Basic Exercise: Simple Meditation

In a simple form of meditation, you provide a space where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed. You can also lean against it. Close your eyes.

Relax your jaw and let your breath flow through your slightly open mouth. This is unusual at the beginning, but should be the basis of all our meditations. This makes it much easier for us to let go. Notice for yourself how much easier the breath can now flow.

Put your attention on your breath and follow the flow. Also, be aware of the movements that happen when you breathe: the abdominal wall moves forward when you breathe in and lowers again when you breathe out. Feel the air as it flows into your mouth and slides down inside you.

Try to stay aware of your breath for as long as possible. Of course, there are thoughts. You simply perceive this. You say hello, say goodbye to them, and go back to noticing your breath.

Try as far as possible not to get into the mental history. But be aware of the lust that may long to wallow in those thoughts. Stay present and track your breathing. You can use this exercise anytime and anywhere, also parallel to all your activities. Establish them as a habit by doing them at least 10-15 minutes a day.

Free fall basic exercise: body meditation

Practice feeling your body. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, relax your jaw and let it hang loosely, your mouth slightly open so you can breathe much easier. Notice how easily your breath flows down through your mouth and into your body. Breathe down into your stomach, fill it with air and then your chest. Even when thoughts come, you always return to the breath and your stomach. As you exhale, remember to relax and let go of any tension. Do this for 3-5 minutes or more.

In the next step you feel into your body and see if you feel a sensation anywhere. A tugging, pleasant warmth, freezing cold, a tingling, pain or something else. Keep your attention on this point. Feel the sensation neutrally and lovingly, without wanting anything in particular. You don't want to cling to a nice sensation, nor want to get rid of a painful one.

Notice how the sensations change by themselves. You simply give them your attention and you can perceive how a pleasant warmth may expand, become stronger and spread throughout your body. It can also happen that in this way you first become aware of a pain that you had no opportunity to perceive in everyday thinking.

Whatever happens by itself, just accept it neutrally and lovingly. At first you may not notice much. However, the more you take care of increasing your life energy and keep paying attention to your body, the faster and more intensively you will be able to feel it.

As long as no perceptible sensation arises, keep your focus on your breath. As it flows through your body, you automatically perceive it. It is absolutely important that you do not try to force anything from a mental level. You need patience and complete relaxation. This is a loving way of dealing with yourself and love should always be your orientation.

It is best to do this Free Fall Meditation exercise daily for 15 minutes or more. Notice how you are becoming more and more aware of your body. Remind yourself of the perception of the body during the day when you go about your activities or in every free minute.

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About Elias Fischer

Elias Fischer, Meditationslehrer

Elias Fischer
Inventor of
FreeFall Meditation

Elias Fischer is based in Berlin and works as a "companion for self-realization". He supports people in finding themselves and expressing their potential. In doing so, he draws on spiritual practices and methods from bodywork that promote one's own awareness. He also teaches the laws of life in order to be able to understand and consciously shape life. His workshops and retreats take place all year round in Germany and while traveling.

Meditation not only promotes your self-confidence and self-love, but is also good for your ability to concentrate, as well as for your physical and mental health.

After 8 years of meditation experience and self-exploration, I am happy to show you the most important steps on how you can enjoy a completely new quality of life with very simple meditation exercises.

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